Top 5 Hot Spots for a Fun Night Out in Denton, Texas

Written by: Courtney Jane

Photo by Diana Noko, Graphic by Briggy Jones

Photo by Diana Noko, Graphic by Briggy Jones

Denton, Texas is known for being the home to two big colleges- the University of North Texas and Texas Woman's University. When moving to a college town it can be quite nerve-racking, but also one of the best experiences you can have.

When I moved to Denton, I didn't know much of anything to do as  it was my first year away at college. As the year went on I started making a lot of friends in school and out of school. Many of the new places I went to have ended up being the most regular places I frequent on a week to week basis.

Being the social butterfly that I am, I never said no to going out on the town with my friends. It was adventure after adventure and memories in the making each time we stepped out on the town.

After living in Denton for going on 2 years, I have come up with 5 of my favorite places [not in any specific order] to go to for a night out with friends or family when they visit.

Fry Street

Living in a college town, there are some places that you can't go to unless you are 21 and up. Fry Street is one of them. When I finally turned 21 I had my first experience on Fry Street and it was a night to remember!

There are about eight bars wrapped around Fry Street, making an "L Shape." Not all of them are the same, and I don't go to all of them either. Some simply aren't my style, whereas others are my go-to for just about any night depending on my mood.

Lucky Lou’s

If you're someone who is into craft beer, outside seating, and occasionally watching a sports game while drinking a beer, then Lucky Lous is the best dive bar on Fry St for that.

My favorite time at Lucky Lou’s is when it's hockey season. They play the hockey game on the outside projector and everyone is just out having a good time and sharing their love for hockey.

Remember when I mentioned craft beers? Well, on Tuesday nights they have what is called Pint Night. Each Pint Night they choose a new beer that's "the beer of the night," and once you drink your pint of beer, you can keep the glass! I can't tell you how many beers I have bought for people [I hate beer] just so I could keep the pint glass and add it to my collection of glasses.

The Garage

One of my all-time favorite bars is The Garage. I typically go on Wednesday nights. Why Wednesday? Well, it's the middle of the week (hump day!), I'm ready for the weekend, and I can't pass up a good night of KARAOKE!!

Karaoke night is the one night that I dedicate myself to going out and having the time of my life. The Garage is also the bar where I met all of my friends and where we all go to meet up for our weekly hang out.

Dancing, singing 2000's best hits, cheap drinks, and all of my friends in one place: doesn't get any better.

If you ever make a trip to Denton and want to go out and get a few drinks I highly recommend Lucky Lou’s for a nice chill night, but if you want to dance, then The Garage is going to be your place to hit up.

Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream

I'm a die-hard ice cream lover, so finding an ice cream shop that satisfied my weekly ice cream craving was a must when I moved to Denton. I'm from a small town, so we never had mom and pop shops, especially ice cream shops.

Beth Marie's is an extremely popular ice cream shop in Denton. Whenever I go there, there is usually a line to get ice cream. You know when you walk into any ice cream shop you can smell the waffle cone smell and it smells like you have stepped into sweet heaven? Yeah, that's me every time I step foot into Beth Marie's.

With tons of different homemade ice cream flavors, you have endless possibilities!.

Emily's Campfire

I wasn’t  a chocolate lover when it came to ice cream or anything sweet really until I tried Emily's Campfire.

When eating this particular ice cream, it's like eating a s'more all in one. I am a sucker for anything s'more flavored so this ice cream is hands down a 10 out of 10!

Andy B's Bowl Social

Want to get away from going out to eat at new places or to get a change of scenery from the drinking scene? Go to Andy B's Bowl Social. It's relatively new in Denton, but it has been a smashing hit here for all the young adults, and it’s family-friendly.

At Andy B's Bowl Social, they have just about everything you could imagine - from bowling, arcade games, and virtual reality to  your common table games like Jenga!

I would suggest going with a group of friends, or if you and your significant other want to have a cute date night, then you have the right spot to stay entertained for hours on end.

The Square

I fell in love with The Square the moment I walked through the door. The Square was the very first place I went to when I moved to Denton, and it was the best decision I ever made.

The Square is in the shape of a square, but you have an abundance of places you could visit. While it's family-friendly,it is also geared towards young adults with nightlife as well. With multiple restaurants and bars what more nightlife could you ask for?

In addition to  the nightlife, they have an incredible day life as well with different little boutiques, antique shops, consignment shops, record stores, and a fantastic candy shop!

Barley and Board

I definitely would suggest this restaurant for a date night or going out to eat with your family. It has a vintage-chic vibe that just makes you feel warm and at home.

After living in Denton for over a year, I finally tried Barley and Board and I can say that I have never had steak the way they make it. You could cut it with a butter knife!

How insane?!?! I also tried quail there for the first time, and the way it was seasoned and fried it just melted in your mouth, leaving you with a little bit of a spicy kick, but hey, it was cooked phenomenally.

Fun fact: Do any of you know who Jason Earles is? Well, he's a known actor but he is the owner of Barley and Board!!!

Spiral Diner

If you're a sucker for a good dinner or vegan food then you have to give Spiral Diner a chance. Before I went to Spiral, I heard so many great things about how good the food was and how the wait staff was super friendly.

I only recently went there and let me just say, I was blown out of the water. I'm not a vegan but with all the rave reviews from everyone I talked to, I just had to try this place.

Spiral Diner's aesthetics are super comfy and homey but also have a hip retro vibe that makes you feel like you went back in time to the '70s!! A blast from the past, I'd say. With both inside and outside seating, it was already a win for me.

When looking at the menu I probably looked it up and down for a solid ten minutes because I had no idea what I wanted to eat. They have a mix of everything vegan, including burgers, nachos, salads, hot plates, and milkshakes.

With it only being my first time eating there, I ended up getting one of their burgers with  added avocado and man was it delicious. I also got a side of grapes to go with it, and as a whole, the entire meal was super filling. I also wanted to treat myself for a night, so I ordered their cookies and cream milkshake, and it was one of the best milkshakes I've ever had.

Even if you aren't vegan (like me), I do recommend trying out Spiral Diner, because even though the food is Vegan it is still exceptional. It doesn't taste any different from a normal burger or regular milkshake at all. I was impressed with my first time going and it's ranked one of the best food places I've been to in Denton. It has my thumbs up approval!! 



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