5 Interesting Places to Visit in the Month of October

Written By Sarah January 

Photo by Kayla Brasel, Graphic by Hina Imtiaz

Photo by Kayla Brasel, Graphic by Hina Imtiaz

When you think about the month of October I’m sure it doesn’t strike you as “vacation season.” Summer is over so that means vacation time is too, right? Not necessarily. Turns out October is a great time to get away and explore some great places. With the weather cooling down, the trees changing colors, and pumpkin spice everywhere, a well- scheduled get away could be exactly what you need at this time of year. If the seaside is your happy place or you’d rather party in the city, this list has a destination on it for everyone. 

San Francisco, California

The city of San Francisco is arguably one of the most beautiful and intriguing places on the planet. At any time of the year you can experience all kinds of different foods, music, cultures and people. What is so special about SF in the fall? For starters, seasonably warmer weather means more time for outdoor activities. Unlike other places across the country, San Francisco continues to have warmer weather patterns during this time of year. So when everywhere else is getting colder, SF holds on to its heat a little longer.  

In addition to the warmer weather there are fewer crowds during this time of year as the summer rush is over. This drop in the number of tourists is helpful when you are planning your get away for a couple of reasons. The first is that it simply means there will be less people in lines for attractions, more open spaces in restaurants, and even *gasp* less traffic. The second reason is that during low season, prices for hotels and events tend to drop as well. This is beneficial for those of us on a budget because this city can get expensive. 

There are also multiple festivals and events going on, including the Treasure Island Music Festival and the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival. SF is a city for the sports fan as well with multiple professional teams, including the San Francisco Giants and the San Francisco 49er 's. The endless possibilities for fall fun in and around San Francisco means there is something for everyone. 

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city that is famous for its fall foliage. During the month of October, the colors are approaching their peak and the whole city is covered in reds, oranges and yellows. Brisk air, cozy scarves and a cup of coffee as you stroll down the streets surrounded by gorgeous fall foliage sounds like a great idea to me. In addition to beautiful scenery, the capital of the Czech Republic has a history dating back centuries, making it a fascinating place to explore. 

The weather in Prague during this time of year can be a little unpredictable so it is recommended that you come prepared for warmer temperatures, as well as cooler ones. The air does tend to be a bit drier in this part of the world when winter is approaching so it is also suggested that you stay hydrated and bring your own moisturizers to protect your skin. During this time, airfares and hotel prices take a dip allowing you to spend more on experiences in the city rather than getting there. 

Prague hosts a series of festivals during the month of October including the International Jazz Festival and the Designblok Festival. Along with being a growing center of music and fashion, it is also a city overflowing with culture and pride. Walking down the streets you can get your hands on all kinds of street food including pastries, beer, meat and even baked potatoes. In addition to the street food you can duck into one of the many museums that explore the city’s lengthy history, especially if the weather outside is not ideal. 

One more option is taking a hike to some of the high points in the city to get a breathtaking view of the entire capital. There are also a few small towns and villages surrounding Prague that you could also add to your list. If your goal is to relax, you can visit Mariánské Lázně which is famous for its spas. You can also take a quick drive over to the picturesque town  of Cesky Krumlov, that looks straight out of a fairytale. For those looking for a way to be immersed in a new culture, check out incredible festivals and eat some good food, Prague is the place to visit.

Santorini, Greece

This next place is on my personal bucket list because of my obsession with Greek mythology and culture. The island of Santorini is located off the southeastern coast of mainland Greece and is a popular vacation destination almost all year round. During all times of the year there are many places to visit, events to attend, and attractions to see. 

This island, located in the Aegean Sea, is an ideal place for a beach vacation so the summer months are busy. Like most of the other places on this list, as soon as fall begins, the number of tourists usually declines. The prices and the temperatures also fall during this period so it provides an opportunity to get some good deals. The weather can be a little warmer towards the beginning of the month and drop off toward the end. If you are into warmer fall weather, Santorini is a spectacular place to visit well into October. 

There are also plenty of events and places to explore during autumn. As strange as it might sound, swimming on the beaches during October is ideal. The water still retains its heat from the summer months and you almost have the beaches to yourself with less people around. October is also the perfect season for wine tasting at some of the island’s most famous wineries. Santorini is also home to the Akrotiri prehistoric ruins so for the history buffs like me, there is an opportunity to get up close and personal with some ancient history.

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia 

If you decide to visit the Blue Mountains National Park in October, remember that you will be experiencing a different season than the northern hemisphere. October in the southern hemisphere is spring instead of fall. This is something to keep in mind if you are looking to escape the cold or want to experience beautiful budding wild life.

The weather during this time of year is well ...spring like. Temperatures are on the rise but are not too hot. Cost during this time of year can also be lower than the peak summer season. They can actually drop as low as three dollars a day if you know the ins and outs of the national park. Generally speaking less people check out the park this time of year though because it’s the rainy season.  

As this national park spans almost 12,000 km, there are many different places to see. Countless trails criss cross the park in different directions promising adventure around every turn. Mountain top peaks, rivers and waterfalls, and even numerous caves, are available for your exploration. The sites that top most tourist lists include the Jenolan Caves, the Botanical Garden, and the Princes Rock Walk. 

Boston, Massachusetts

This list wouldn’t be complete without mention of New England. This region of the United States is often synonymous with the fall season. The lamp lit streets, historic buildings, and the changing leaves make for an ideal autumn scene. One popular place during October is the great city of Boston. 

Boston’s fall weather is mild.Temperatures do start to drop, however, so it is recommended that you have a jacket and a good pair of boots. It may also rain, but the snow that Boston is known for usually doesn't show up until later. Like most places, the temperatures start out a little warmer during the day and then drop off in the evening.  Because the temperatures are more mild during the day, it makes it a great time to get out and explore the city on foot. 

Boston is a hub of activity during the fall months. Many outdoor events such as bike and walking tours are popular. If being outside isn’t your thing, maybe check out The Samuel Adams Brewery or the Museum of Fine Arts instead. Or maybe neither of those options appeal to you because you are more of a sports fan. If that is the case, you are in the right city because professional sports are in full swing by October. You can go catch a New England Patriots football game or watch the Boston Bruins hockey team on their home ice. Whatever activity strikes your fancy, Boston is a big city with many different things to do during the fall season. 

At first thought, traveling in October may sound like a strange idea. But as this list shows, there are numerous places across the globe to visit this month. Both the east and west coasts of the USA have major cities with many different options, and Europe and Australia provide outdoor excursions and warmer weather. If you get bitten by the travel bug this month, don’t be afraid to get out there and explore! 


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