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The Ultimate Halloween Movie List for a Spooky Night In

My most favorite time of the year is fall. The leaves are changing, the weather cools down, and it’s time to break out your favorite fall clothes. With fall comes one of the year’s most popular holidays: Halloween. The costumes, candy, and other traditions are some of the best things about this day. One tradition I have had since high school is having a Halloween / scary movie marathon with my bestie. In the spirit of sharing this tradition with you, below is a list of movies that include something for everyone, friends and family alike. I know it will put a little fright into your night this Halloween season. 

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10 Netflix Shows You Need To Watch Before It’s Too Late

September is encroaching upon, and although you may have spent July and August binging on your favorite new seasons of Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, the new month brings us a round of shows Netflix has announced they are bidding farewell to. So before you dive into any new releases, you may want to check out which shows Netflix plans to remove so you can plan to watch them before it is too late.

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