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Unique Halloween Costume Ideas Based on Cult Classics

I have to be honest, Halloween has never been important in my life. I was raised extremely religious and my parents were very much against it. 

I’ve never even gone trick-or-treating. 

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7 YouTube Channels to Make You Laugh Until You Cry

It’s been about three years since then and YouTube has exploded in popularity as a form of entertainment beyond the aspiring musician’s portfolio or simply a reliable place to find music. YouTube is at a point where people are actually using it to replace television shows as their main form of nightly entertainment since it’s become so diverse with its different ‘channels’ of family bloggers, comedians, musicians, video game news, food shows, interviews, and much more. 

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10 Netflix Shows You Need To Watch Before It’s Too Late

September is encroaching upon, and although you may have spent July and August binging on your favorite new seasons of Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, the new month brings us a round of shows Netflix has announced they are bidding farewell to. So before you dive into any new releases, you may want to check out which shows Netflix plans to remove so you can plan to watch them before it is too late.

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5 Cooking Shows That Completely Changed the Way I Thought About Food

It’s no secret that I love cooking shows! All throughout late elementary school and the entirety of my junior high career I was infatuated with shows like Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars and Cake Wars. I even opened an in-home bakery business in high school because of this early inspiration! Little did I know, though, all of those shows were only the tip of the iceberg in growing my love of food. 

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