Why You Should Avoid Drama Beauty Channels at All Costs

Written by: Briggy Jones

Graphic by Briggy Jones

Graphic by Briggy Jones

If you have been in the realm of YouTube for a while, you have probably seen the different phases it’s gone through. It started as a way of keeping videos of special events for personal and public use. It didn’t take too many years before it began birthing viral videos though. 

Some of the most famous OG videos to go viral was “Shoes” by the inspirational Liam Kyle Sullivan, “Evolution of Dance” by comedian Judson Laipply, “Annoying Orange” by Dane Boedigheimer, “Charlie Bit My Finger” with Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr, “Llamas with Hats” by Jason Steele, and so many more, paving the way for a new kind of comedy. 

This era also gave birth to lots of musicians. Artists like Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly, Ed Sheeran, The Jonas Brothers, The Naked Brothers’ Band, Walk Off The Earth, and Pentatonix are just a few examples. 

YouTube has shaped a lot of our culture, starting in 2007. It made way for dozens of opportunities for artists of all kinds. It created a world where anybody could make a video in a quiet room, busy street, or simply record something incredible, release it into the World Wide Web, and possibly reap fame and bragging rights for generations to come. 

By 2012 there was a name for those making videos for entertainment and education; they were pegged as “YouTubers”. Now there are so many genres of channels to watch. Now there is just about anything anyone could want to see! 

There is beauty, cooking, DIY, conspiracy, true crime, gaming, ASMR, daily vloggers, dance, travel, pranks and challenges, comedy, lifestyle, health and fitness, fashion, animation, family, sports, tech, education, and art/design, and the list goes on. Beauty is the focus here though.  

Beauty channels have been around for a long time. Some of the first beauty YouTubers were Bunny Meyer, Kandee Johnson, Wayne Goss, Jaclyn Hill, Andrea Brooks, and Tanya Burr. Now, there are over 5.3 MILLION beauty videos to be accessed on YouTube! 

Today though, the beauty community on the ‘Tube has changed quite a bit. Since there are so many people trying to make a name for themselves, it’s a huge competition. For viewers, it can be difficult to know who to subscribe to.

Photo by Jess E.

Photo by Jess E.

There’s always a lot of drama in this domain, especially with the opportunity to become sponsored by big brands like Morphe, or going on exotic trips with Benefit, Tarte or Flower. 

Honestly, I don’t think it’s a big deal when drama beauty channels talk about what big YouTubers are getting PR, or if they are posting a lot of sponsored content, or giving opinions based on how much they are getting paid to talk about a product. It does get way out of line when they start going into personal lives and refusing to give privacy to very sensitive topics. 

As a whole, I think channels that are judging someone else’s work and life negatively don’t deserve much attention. After all, it’s very depressing to watch someone rant with an over the top fake personality while airing out someone else’s dirty laundry. I don’t get the whole trend of having to know every famous person’s business. Can’t we live and let live? 

In my opinion, if that person is not hurting or encouraging bad behavior, then what’s the use of trying to expose them? If you don’t like what they’re doing, move on. Don’t keep giving more publicity or outright shame to their name. 

It’s actually kind of surprising to me that in this day and age of mental health and self-help we choose to surround ourselves with reality TV and drama on YouTube, where they are ‘spilling tea’ on people they know little to nothing about. 

At the same time, I wonder why I even expected better. In every culture, in every century, for all the history of the world, people have needed to have gossip and people to ‘drag’ through the mud. Back then they just used different lingo. 

I think the only way to get away from this vicious cycle is to stop giving them credit! Stop saying, “It’s ok because they’re respectful”, or “I only watch so-and-so because they are still nice.”

Just, no. 

It’s still supporting the idea that we have to know as much as possible about people who are still people. They are not unattainable. They are not superhuman. They are not too rich for us. They are the same as us. They get hurt, just like us. They are proud of their accomplishments, just like us. They want to make money, just like us. 

If it’s under question if they are conducting business illegally, not being truthful in matters regarding advertising products, or other sketchy business practices, that is a separate affair. That should be handled by proper authorities, not a person who is incapable of investigating. 

By talking to their very limited ‘sources’ that they can’t disclose, or that they can’t even share most of their findings because they don’t want to get sued, they are constantly misleading.

Give me a break.

All in all, I’m really disappointed and ashamed that parts of YouTube have turned into something so toxic and life ruining as they have. I say this as someone who gave quite a few drama beauty channels a chance when this craze started because it was eye catching and I was curious to know if these people were as corrupt as the thumbnails suggested. 

It’s a quick down-hill slope, subscribing both literally and figuratively to the messages these negative attention seekers are giving. It may start out as an innocent curiosity, but if you’re not careful you might find yourself on a personal mission of trying to constantly see the worst in people, and gossiping about them too. 

I am here to tell you that you have a much bigger purpose in life. 

I believe that every person that has ever lived has had a purpose, and each one contributes something beautiful to the world, no matter what wrong he or she has done. 

There is always a lesson, always a purpose, always something to learn. 

I encourage you to spread good lessons, good purpose, helpful knowledge, and pure motives. 

Be the light.

Don’t be the darkness.

And don’t subscribe to the darkness.

Happy thoughts, my friends.


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