7 YouTube Channels to Make You Laugh Until You Cry

Written by: Mica Mackenzie 

Photo and Graphic by Diana Noko

Photo and Graphic by Diana Noko

I find YouTube to be a very interesting phenomenon. I remember when I was a kid I used it to look up music and lyric videos for my favorite songs. Later, when I was more interested in pursuing music myself, I used YouTube as a publishing platform to share my self-recorded and produced music vlogs (which if you want to check out my old channel you can find it here). 

It’s been about three years since then and YouTube has exploded in popularity as a form of entertainment beyond the aspiring musician’s portfolio or simply a reliable place to find music. YouTube is at a point where people are actually using it to replace television shows as their main form of nightly entertainment since it’s become so diverse with its different ‘channels’ of family bloggers, comedians, musicians, video game news, food shows, interviews, and much more. 

As this transition has taken place, it’s allowed for many average people to start up a YouTube account from their home and reach stardom within in a few years. It’s also allowed for television shows to create channels on YouTube where they can post short 3-5 minute clips of their show to drive people back to the age-old television series that’s been a force in evening entertainment for years. 

Regardless of the type of video, I’m a huge fan of YouTube and have vastly broadened my horizons in terms of what I like to watch within the past year. As a result, I have a few very different, but all very funny, recommendations for you to check out the next time you’re trying to find something to watch. You never know, YouTube may replace your favorite television shows in your home, too! 

LA Beast

Kevin Thomas Strahle is the real identity of ‘LA Beast’- a comedic competitive eater on YouTube. His account is dedicated to truly insane food feats such as eating a 3 lb hard-boiled ostrich egg, chugging 100 raw eggs, setting a new world record for eating raw butter, and drinking a gallon of eggnog using a leaf blower. I must have forgotten to mention he’s a bit off the wall. 

I’m not sure if this should surprise us or not, but coincidentally the thing he is second most known for online (his Youtube account being the first) is his “Bring Back Crystal Pepsi” movement. Yes, you read that correctly. His “BRING BACK CRYSTAL PEPSI” movement! 

I find this incredibly intriguing/hilarious and thought to educate myself further on the topic by making a simple Wikipedia search. Come to find out his movement caught quite a bit of attention and popularity, not to mention it gets funnier the more you read about it: 

“In April 2015, Strahle rallied his fans to comment on Pepsi's official social media accounts with the hashtag "#BringBackCrystalPEPSI" in an effort to revive the once-popular soft drink. This led to the creation of a Change.org petition and as of August 2016, it has over 34,000 signatures. The popularity of the movement also produced 15 billboards placed all around the Los Angeles area.

On June 8, 2015, Strahle received a message from Pepsi via Twitter, acknowledging his efforts to get Crystal Pepsi brought back to store shelves and hinting at the soft drink's potential return. The next day, a Pepsi spokeswoman confirmed the message's authenticity.

On July 26, 2015, Strahle released a song on iTunes called "The Crystal Pepsi Song" featuring production company That's Classic Media. A music video was later released August 5, 2015.

On December 8, 2015, Pepsi announced the re-release of Crystal Pepsi in a limited quantity sweepstakes. In June 2016, Pepsi announced that Crystal Pepsi would be released in the U.S. on August 8, 2016, for an eight-week run.”

Chad Goes Deep

I’ll be honest, this channel is a bit absurd. But if you can appreciate the humor of troll, I think you’ll come to love these videos. This is my personal favorite video on this channel.

To summarize what’s happening here, Chad goes to a city council meeting to ‘try and resolve a massive internal conflict’ within his ‘squad’. He’s completely inappropriate and ridiculous, but at the same time, you can’t help but laugh at the stunned faces of the audience as they come to terms with the situation.

Key & Peele

This channel posts clips from the Comedy Central Television series ‘Key & Peele’. The television series itself is made up of 30-minute satirical/ sarcastic skits covering a wide variety of topics. It was created by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, two hilarious African American dudes who really cut past the bullshit of society to expose how things really are. 

Comedy Central Stand-Up

I really enjoy Comedy Central Stand-Up because it’s so diverse. You can go to the general channel and choose from so many different comedians- there’s a little something for everyone. Some of my favorite comedians featured on this channel are John Mulaney, Dave Chapelle, Chris D’Elia, Pete Davidson, and Hannibal Buress.

Hot Ones

Besides Kitchen Nightmares, this may be the channel I have watched most religiously. If you’re not familiar, it’s a recorded interview hosted by Sean Evans ‘with hot questions and even hotter wings’. 

The Hot Ones show has managed to have on an impressive number of celebrities and I have to say I think their interview show is one of my favorites of all time. The questions are more deep and cutting edge than your typical interview scenario, not to mention the fact that both, Sean Evans and the person being interviewed have to eat their way through a plate of hot wings during the interview, which is pretty unconventional.

People on the show often speculate that the hot wings are a strategy to get the interviewees to let their guard down and answer the questions more honestly. If that’s the truth that’s pretty god damn smart!

My favorite episode of ‘Hot Ones’ has to be this one with Rachael Ray because she f****** mainlines the hot sauce! Insane!

Last Week Tonight

Hosted by John Oliver, Last Week Night is a satirical HBO talk show where Oliver covers random topics including (but not limited to) psychics (such as in the video below), opioids, public shaming, Robocalls, and the Miss America Pageant. He also covers and pokes fun at various current and political events.

The thing I really like about this YouTube channel is that if you want to skip past all the political bullshit, you can! The videos are cut into categories clearly stated in the titles, so you know what you’re getting into before you even click on the video. 

Kitchen Nightmares

If you’re not familiar with Kitchen Nightmares it is a show hosted by Gordon Ramsey where he travels around the United States (and sometimes Britain) helping failing restaurants get a new start. The show itself is pretty entertaining and can be found on Hulu, so if you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend you check it out. 

The YouTube Channel for Kitchen Nightmares focuses on 3-5 minutes clips from the show- allowing for the most hilarious and shocking moments to shine through.

 I know the whole thing is pretty disgusting considering many of the restaurants featured on the show aren’t initially being kept up to code, but what I find entertaining is in the middle of it all is the drama that seems to completely overtake the entire situation. 

Many of these failing restaurants are family-run, and you can only imagine the amount of fuel that adds to the fire. Just picture Gordon Ramsey (as borderline insane as he already is) telling a dysfunctional family-run restaurant staff that everything they’re doing sucks. It’s pretty funny!

Hopefully, this list will keep you entertained for a while and you come to share my love for some of these great comedic Youtube channels. If you have any recommendations for me, feel free to leave them in the comments- I’m always looking for new things to watch!

Until Next Time, 

Mica Mackenzie

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Mica Mackenzie

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