What an Interesting World

Written by Mica

Photo and Graphic by Briggy Jones

Photo and Graphic by Briggy Jones

What if the world turned,

All of a sudden, upside down?

And all our happy smiles

Turned into sudden frowns?

What if the sky turned green,

Like grass covered in dew?

And the grass turned to the most beautiful

Shades of ocean blue?

What if we shouted angrily

At the people we love so dear?

And kissed the lips of those who wish

For us to disappear?

What if the flowers were the height of trees,

The latter ever so small?

And what if the petals of the flowers

Dropped to the ground in fall?

What an interesting world

Would this place come to be,

If things, oh everything,

Was nothing that it seemed.


Mica Mackenzie sitting on stairs outside looking up at camera fisheye lens

Mica mackenzie

Mica Mackenzie is the founder and CEO of The Quiet Nonsense, LLC. She currently lives in Dallas with her boyfriend, Hunter, and their goldendoodle puppy, Ted! Her dream is to see the growth and success of her alternative entertainment company, QN. She’s obsessed with all types of things philosophical and scientific and has a huge heart and passion for those struggling with mental illness. Feel free to keep up with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.