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Top 3 Rap and Hip-Hop Music Videos That Make The Songs Even Better

Hip-hop music videos have garnered a reputation of being... less than creative. They’re known for relying on a few recurring themes: half-naked women, expensive cars and jewelry, and all too often, some aspect of gang culture. 

Trying to find a music video that did not contain at least one of those things was like looking for a four-leaf clover. I was lucky if the video told any kind of coherent story at all. 

But every so often there are some hip-hop music videos that go above and beyond what I expect. They are just as creative as the songs that accompany them, and sometimes even more so. 

I highlight these kinds of music videos and include three that took on lives of their own.

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Up-and-Coming Musicians You Need to Check Out on Spotify

These days it seems like there are so many artists arising from the misty corners of Apple music, Soundcloud, YouTube, and more. Once they start to get views and listens, a lot make it to Spotify! 

It’s really incredible how technology has shaped the way that music is being consumed. Spotify was first launched in 2008 when I was in eighth grade. I used to listen to Spotify whenever I could after school.

The smallest names on there were usually people who were just starting out in the industry after being on singing competition shows. 

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