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What Childhood Bullying Does to You in Later Life

We live in a world where almost every single person has become a victim of bullying whether they are four years or eighty years old. Bullies do these things to make themselves feel better because a lot of the time they have been through severe abuse or trauma themselves. Unfortunately, this is how the world works, people put others down to make themselves feel good. It is really sad to think that people who have hurt you have been hurt themselves, anger and hurt is all they understand but it can be very hard to forgive and forget what they put you through. 

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How an Eastern Approach to Emptiness is Curing Depression and Anxiety

I’ve struggled with anxiety for most of my life...and so has a huge portion of the rest of the population. Maybe fifty years ago it was taboo to admit to having these feelings and problems, but today it’s one of the biggest movements of the time. People are no longer brushing off depression and anxiety as something they have to ‘deal with’. Instead, they’ve come to see that it’s a journey--something you have to work at every single day. 

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