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Mental Health Hacks For When School Is Too Much

I almost always loved school. With a curious mind and a slight obsession with learning, school was usually extremely fun for me. Sure I struggled with some classes in high school ( aka: chemistry...ewww) but none of them were so hard that they seemed impossible. When I first went to college, same thing. It wasn’t until I had to take an upper level physiology class that I really started to feel the pressure. In all honesty, I’ve never had to work so hard to not fail a class as I did with that one. That moment right there should have been a sign that things were about to get pretty rough, and that is exactly how four years later I ended up burnt out, sick, and hating life. All because I had absolutely no stress management skills. The list below is one that I know will help you out when school in particular gets to be too damn much. 

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