The Inspiration

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The Quiet Nonsense started as an almost sarcastic eye-roll to society. With the same music and other forms of entertainment being relentlessly promoted by all the major media companies, Mica began to search for something more to occupy her time in the artistic arena. 

After a year of diversifying her tastes she came to find many artists who took their crafts to the next level simply because they invested time in them. Something fascinated Mica about these people and about their art...and that ‘something’ was their dedication to their artistic style and their willingness to work hard at it and improve it over many years. These weren’t the phony people being promoted on Pop Radio--these were the artists slaving away to make their own realities, and their own unique creations, without much help from major labels and other outsourced creatives. 

Mica realized these were the artists who deserved promotion and who should be given a platform to share the art they’ve worked so hard to create and so she created exactly that--an artistic media collective dedicated to bringing happiness to viewers through the art they have come to know and love so much. 

‘The Quiet Nonsense’ is simply a nod to how society looks at the kind of underground art promoted here. While it may be Nonsense to some, we find it fresh, genuine, and progressive.

The Growth 

Although still in its infancy as a company, QN has seen an impressive amount of growth since their initial launch in September 2018. They started as an alternative lifestyle blog with a team of about five people and within a month were reliably seeing 100,000 monthly viewers on their Pinterest account. To everyone’s shock and excitement they began to see that there may be something special here worth pursuing. 

As the first year in operation came and went, QN decided to take a step back to review all the data detailing their performance and regroup to make plans for the future. They took a huge leap forward toward improvement on an internal level within the company, but also improvement in the general platform as a place to promote art and artists all over the world. 

The Quiet Nonsense alternative lifestyle blog emerged, refreshed and with a new face, as The Quiet Nonsense Entertainment Company. 

Much has changed since Mica began QN, but the heart of the team’s mission has always remained protected. QN will move forward still doing blog articles, but in the very near future will be bringing their thoughts and opinions to a podcast and Youtube for all of you to enjoy! In addition, plans are already in the works to have scouts in international locations looking for the newest and very best underground artists.


Behind the Scenes


Finally, the part of QN that baffles me every time is who they are and how they function behind the scenes. They set an inspiring example to any young creative who feels they don’t want to be carried by the common currents of life. 

Initially when Mica started QN, she was going to do it alone. Then she saw how impossible that would be and decided to see if she could find a handful of people interested in learning how to blog that could help her along the way, but that she could also teach in return for their time and dedication to her project. To her genuine surprise, this got a lot of attention and, still,  to this day, they run completely remote (can be done from anywhere in the world with a computer and good internet connection), internships in Marketing, Social Media Management, Creative Design, Photography, Writing, and Editing/SEO. To reach the younger creatives still stuck in high school, they offer free classes/training to help them tap into their inner artist and get on a path to a career that could bring them real joy. 

The Executive Team, Linda (Marketing/SMM Executive), Erin (Writing and Editing Executive), Briggy (Creative Design Executive), Courtney (Assistant Marketing/SMM Executive), Arianna (Assistant Editing Executive), and Anne (Mica’s Executive Assistant), all began as interns here at QN, which just goes to show that with hard work, dedication, and consistency, anyone can do anything. 

The team is still working hard to get their departments and internal systems running smoothly while also preparing for the expansions to podcasts, Youtube, and scouting.
If you have any interest in collaborating with the team or taking an internship/class with us, head over to ‘The Team’ page to fill out an application, or you can contact us at

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Mica Mackenzie is the founder and CEO of The Quiet Nonsense, LLC and currently lives in Dallas with her boyfriend, Hunter, and their goldendoodle puppy, Ted! Her dream is to see the growth and success of her alternative entertainment company, QN, while bringing happiness and new perspectives to those who view her work. She’s obsessed with all types of things philosophical and scientific and has a huge heart and passion for those struggling with mental illness. Feel free to keep up with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.